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Mental Health Services and the Military

This week I am joined by Derrick  Torrence, Retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, serving from 1987-2009. Follow along as we discuss the challenges that Active Duty Military and Veterans face when seeking mental health services as well as the many benefits that exist when one participates in supportive services

Anxiety vs Panic Attack

A brief description of the difference between anxiety and panic attacks.

Improving The Quality Of Your Sleep

 A breakdown on reasons why sleep difficulties present themselves and tips for improving the quality of your sleep. 

What is Domestic Violence?

 A brief description of the areas that Domestic Violence encompasses. You are not alone.  Domestic Violence Resources:  1-888-DVLinks - 24hr Hotline. San Diego Family Justice Center: 1-866-933-HOPE. Crisis Text Line: 741-741. YWCA 24hr DV Hotline: 619-234-3164. Access in Crisis Line-24hr Hotline: 1-888-724-7240 911 - In an emergency SDPD Non-Emergency Line: 619-531-2000 

What are Coping Skills?

An explanation on what coping skills are and the steps for how to utilize these tools successfully.

Examples of Coping Skills

 Coping Skills - What are they and how do they help? There are hundreds of tools that you can use out there to help get you through tough moments. In this video I share two examples of coping skills that you can start using today. 

Everyday Coping Skills

 An interview that provides examples of the many ways that we incorporate coping skills on a regular basis but might not always recognize these activities as coping skills or might lack the awareness that we are intentionally being there for ourselves. Here we are bringing these healthy tools to the forefront so that we can intentionally continue to practice self-care. 

The Benefits of Giving Back

 A brief discussion on how giving back to others benefits not only those that we support but also our mental health. Also how giving back can be a healthy coping skill. 

How to get what you want

This video on healthy communication helps you hear "yes" more often as well as feel heard in your relationships.

Seasonal Affective Disoder (SAD)

Learn about Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as Seasonal Depression.  

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

A brief description of PTSD and the symptoms associated with a PTSD diagnosis. 

How to Decrease Your Daily Stress

 Life can get pretty overwhelming. Here's one approach to time management that can help you organize the many responsibilities that come up so that you can focus better and possibly eve find more time for yourself and the people that you care about.